David P. Bryant
Polygraph Examiner   (813) 977-4700

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My site is under construction - sorry for the mess.  I am an expert in polygraph and interrogation but NOT computers or website design!

BEWARE:  There are many polygraph frauds who will lure you by offering service for a cheap price.  DON'T GET TRICKED!  Verify my credentials as well as any other examiner you are considering by checking on certification with the American Polygraph Association 1-800-272-8037 www.polygraph.org or the American Association of Police Polygraphists 1-888-743-5479 www.PolicePolygraph.org or the Florida Polygraph Association www.FloridaPolygraph.org.  If your examiner is not listed as an ACTIVE member in at least one of these organizations, that should be a big red flag to you that something is wrong.  You need a reliabile test to help you make an important decision.  Don't be fooled by some parasite with a slick website or discount rates.  If your issue is important to you, get the best qualified examiner you can and verify his claimed status.  I am in the honesty business and welcome your scrutiny.  

Most of your questions are answered on this website or at the links to the Associations above.  If you have other questions or are ready to make an appointment, please contact me at (813) 977-4700.  

Dave Bryant
Certified Forensic and Clinical Polygraph Examiner